Dada Bhagwan trimandir

Trimandir Temple

Trimandir a non-sectarian temple

Why Trimandir is called Trimandir?  Why this concept of Trimandir?

These were the few questions came to my mind when I heard about Trimandir.

The founder of the innovative concept of a non-sectarian temple, Param pujya A.M. Patel, also known as Dada Bhagwan was a simple man.  He was focused on his search for eternal truth and self-realization.

He came up with the innovative concept of Trimandir which comprises the idols of Lord Simandhar, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva along with other Gods and Goddesses.

The foundation has constructed many Trimandirs, temples across Gujarat and other places of India and Abroad.  One of such Trimandir is located at Adalaj, a village between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Why it is called Trimandir?  Dada Bhagwan believed that the soul is thriving in the proximity of Lord Simandhar, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Hence Dada Bhagwan believed that one should worship all three idols to attain self-realization.

The Concept of Trimandir:  Dada Bhagwan was a strong believer that people of the world should live in peace and happiness.  Everyone should get moksha (liberation from the cycle of life and death).

When you visit Trimandir, you will certainly feel the peace of mind and experience calmness.  Your soul will feel blessed and feel like being relieved from worries. 

You will find a big idol of Lord Simandhar in the middle area. Also, the idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are placed on the sides of Lord Simandhar.

When to Visit:  Since the summertime is too hot in Gujarat, the best time to visit at any place in Gujarat and Ahmedabad is between September to March. 

Darshan Timings:  The temple remains open from early morning to evening till 9:00 pm.  So, you can visit and get blessings at any time during the day.


Food:  There are few restaurants providing Saatvik (Moral) food.  Also, the Trimandir foundation provides lunch and dinner for all at very subsidized rates.

Lunch timings:  11:30 to 1:30 pm.

Dinner timings:  7:00 to 8:30 pm.

Book Store:  There is a small but very nice book store inside the proximity of the temple.  Here you will find spiritual books in different languages such as English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

Store:  Just by the side of the main entrance gate, there is a small store from where you can buy some groceries at a good price.

Stay:  Trimandir also has Dharmsala where you can stay.  AC and Non-Ac rooms are available at very decent rates.  You can contact and get the details of room availability

Ph: 9328661166 / 77

How to Reach Adalaj Trimandir:  You can reach Ahmedabad via Air, train or bus.  From there you can take a cab and reach Trimandir.

Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Adalaj, Dist. Gandhinagar


Gujarat, India.

Call: 9328661166 / 77


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