We are passionate travel bloggers and content writers. We have started the blog and our Youtube Channel “A Joyful Trip” to share our experience and explore the places with different view and perspective. Our aim is to share and educate people who are willing to visit different places.

We would be more than happy to have a collaboration with:

Tourism Boards, Travel Brands:

  1. Hotels, Resorts, and Themed Property review.
  2. Heritage, Lifestyle and cultural reviews.
  3. Lifestyle and product reviews.  
  4. Video and photography work.
  5. Representing in Travel and Talk shows.
  6. Working as a brand ambassador.

Product Review and Promotions:

  1. To provide a wider reach to your product, we can provide a customer-centric, honest product review. Helping your customer to understand and know about your product in detail.

Freelance Writing and Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Writing travel-related articles for different magazines, websites, travel agents, hotels, airlines etc.
  2. Social media marketing and campaigns, workshops contests etc.

Please provide a detailed brief of your activity or article.  We will be reverting you back with our proposal.

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