Pradeep Chauhan Batch 3 Assignment 1

Hello friends,

I am Pradeep Chauhan, over 20 years of experience in Medical Transcription, BSc in Chemistry, working full time as an Editor/Quality Analyst in the field of Medical Transcription.  Looking forward to work as a Digital Marketer as a free lancer video maker and to market that on social media and to own Digital Marketing Agency in near future.


Digital Marketing is the newest and the most trending way of communicating with people nowadays.


In past, there were many a times while browsing, many interesting webinar advertisement caught my attention, I did register it but somehow end up not attending it.  At times, being genuinely busy, or later least interested in the subject as I was while registering or I was just a kind of let go.  Some of the webinars go under-attended or unattended and at even if you attend them, you find them boring and leave prematurely.


Just with the thought of not being left behind the world, there was a birth of thought of learning digital marketing.  It grew up fairly rapidly with the corona virus attack and with lockdown and whole lot of people with almost no work.  There came the instant demand to learn and learn it from the master.


I used to receive emails from digitaldeepak website and my bother (Chetan Chauhan and highly praised Deepak Sir as he has been in touch with Deepak sir for quite a while.  I watched a few videos of The 100-day Blogging Course, and was impressed with the way of teaching.


I decided to at least attend the webinar held on May 9, 2020.  I was impressed with the features offered in the course and was rather convinced by Deepak Sir that he would be the right person with whom I would be able to learn Digital Marketing and in future work full time as a digital marketer.


I had the fortune to enroll myself with Digital Marketing Internship Program Batch – 3 with DigitalDeepak.  It’s around 2-month course with Deepak Sir being live on webinar, I am super excited.


With Deepak Sir, having his presence on almost all social media platforms be it YouTube, FaceBook, Intagram, Quora, etc., I am super excited to learn from the very best Deepak Sir, digital marketing skills.


Start of Course Batch 3:


We had our first online class with Deepak Sir on 16 May, he appeared to be well prepared and well focused.  I was pretty overwhelmed to see almost 800 participants.


As a part of training, Blog writing assigment was assigned.


Key points learned during this session:

  • Set a goal for this internship, mine is to become freelancer video maker and to market them on social media platforms.
  • To improve communication skills that is the key and basic requirement for all marketing.
  • Improve sales skills and eventually earn more profit for self and for clients and establish your brand and thereby yourself too.
  • Select a niche broader niche first out of being a blogger, freelancer video maker, affiliate marketer, agency owner, grow your business, start a movement, or get a job.  Overall focus is to improve sales skills and ability to address audience.  My personal interest is to become freelancer video maker and agency owner.
  • In the ever expanding market, late is better than never.
  • Competition in market opens up new niche and more opportunity.
  • Market is ever expanding and India is one of the youngest in average age in the world which creates more ability to spend and thereby more opportunities in the market.
  • Debt creates opportunities for people.  People are ready to pay money for quality products.


Books suggested to read on Economics:

  • Economic 101.
  • Currency Wars.
  • Paul Krugman.
  • Raghuram Rajan.
  • Wealth of Nation by Adam Smith


Ways to improve communication:

  • Read a lot, starting with simple books to complex.
  • Try to speak in English, do not worry about grammar in beginning.
  • Think in English.
  • Write a lot.
  • Be a good communicator.
  • Mass Trust.
  • Explore a lot.
  • Read a lot, related to niche would add to benefit to write better blogs.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Develop habit of writing.
  • Watch English Sitcoms.
  • Watch stand-up comedy to better understand local slang.



Digital Marketing is marketing with technology and it is the present trend and will remain as marketing and technology cannot die.  One needs to remain updated with the technology to market better.  Just as an example Nokia was world leader in mobile instrument industry but it did not upgrade to Android and was under prepared like other companies e.g. Samsung etc. which took over with new Android technology and Nokia was left far behind and did not recover.  So, one needs to run with the ever changing world and remain updated.  Digital marketing is basically marketing in advance form.


Integrated Digital Marketing Framework:

  • Content and tribe:  Content has always remained king and will be remain for long time.  Creating good content is the key and digital marketing is the medium to deliver to audience.
  • Email Marketing:  E-mail marketing is very old form of marketing but effective.  Regular e-mails to audience builds trust and builds funnel and eventually conversion.
  • Sell & convert:  Sale and re-sale builds trust and helps to create brand ambassadors.
  • Social Media:  Presence on social medial builds brand awareness and builds trust.
  • SEO:  SEO is must to rank in Google and be found and mark your presence on internet.
  • Paid advertising:  Paid marketing is efficient tool to reach to target and focused audience.
  • Analytics:  Analytics of website and social media help to analyze status of your web site and paid advertisement in terms of being found and conversion.



Major Niche:  Health, Wealth, and Relationship


Digital marketing is ocean of opportunities and has a fairly vast area to work on, so just to not get lost in this ever expanding world select your niche.  A combination of passion, talent, and market opportunity and your personal interest would help to select your niche.


Market Research: This is how we can find demand and work accordingly.

  • Google Auto Suggests
  • Answer the
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Research on your personal interest.
  • Reach out to customers.
  • Look or pre & post products services of other products.



  • Brand awareness is very important to build trust and get traffic and eventually conversion.
  • Do not hesitate to put your content.  Your content may not be best according the market standard but give your best.  Starting is very important.
  • Do not try to fit in, try to make your own space.
  • Try to show your own character & personality on social media.  Try to communicate things in your own way.
  • Try to diversify your content.
  • More content more presence on internet.



  • Create your unique style.  Build your tribe and audience.
  • Mouth adverting is the best form of advertisement.  Let your customers advertise for you.  Branding and personal branding help to find projects, job, and establish yourself in the market.
  • Helps to understand market better.
  • Build trust.



  • Move the free line.
  • Build trust.
  • Automate your funnel.
  • Build relationship on automation.
  • Automate the funnel.
  • Establish brand ambassadors.


I look forward for cooperation of all fellow colleagues of batch 3 and all members associated with Deepak Sir.


Thanks a lot

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