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It makes you feels great when you learn, earn, and make others to learn, and earn.  At Digital Deepak Internship Batch-3 Class-II, it is on the concept of learn-do-teach.

Online classes just teach, at Digital Deepak Internship, we are learning and earning cash back new concepts.

Overview of Training at Digital Deepak

Class 2 of Batch 3 covered few of many to explore topics related to digital marketing.  It is said that your foundation needs to be strong if you expect your building to stand strong and last long.  These are the basic foundation stones, when you aim to build a strong foundation while learning digital marketing.  I came to know about the concepts and fundamentals that with examples from our daily life.  Let’s explore them one by one.

Basic fundamentals of Digital Marketing

1. Mistakes are the future benefits:

When you start new things, it is more than likely that it is not perfect.  One tends to make so many mistakes and even blunders.  Getting started in the right direction is the key to success.  Late is always better than never.  When you do something it is either you gain success or gain experience.  So, it is win-win situation.


2. Teach to learn better

Learning is a never ending process in life.  We tend to learn new things each and every day.  To remember what we have learned is to do practice.  If we do not do practice, then we tend to forget.  To remember for long time, teach someone what you have learned.  When we teach others, it makes our basics clear and while teaching them we might also learn a few more things and that is also a win-win situation.

3. Marketing is about good conversation

Conversation with the customer is foundation step for marketing.  Regular conversation with the customer builds trust and eventually benefits your business.  E-mail, WhatsApp, phone calls, makes the person feel like 1:1 conversation and it builds long-term relationship.  E-mail marketing is still leading method of conversation and regular e-mails (drip marketing) builds better relation and gives better output.

4. Building Trust:

One needs to build trust first and then show benefit of product and sale will automatically happen.  You should converse with the customer as if you are not selling anything.  Building mass trust, it plays vital role in sales.

5. Be Authentic:

Authentic people may make less profit in beginning but they are horse of long race.  Authenticity stays long and people are attracted by authentic brands.  Trust again plays a key role.  Fake audience is attracted with fiendish communication and attitude.  Project yourself what you are and for whom your product is.  Do not try to sell your product to wrong audience.

6. Be better marketer?

Learning from mistakes and not repeating it makes you better marketer.  Also, experiences in life and in your business makes you better marketer.  Educational degrees do not mean that you are better marketer.  It also depends on personal skills of an individual or the team.  Traveling a lot will help you grow your business.  Learning new things and adaptation to the technology can create wonders in managing your marketing strategies.

7. Find your target audience:

If you think that whole world is your audience then in reality no one is your audience.  If you try to focus on too many people then eventually you will end up having fake audience that would not be interested in you or your products.  Targeting right audience will save your money and energy.  We need to understand psychology of audience and try to target them.

8. The law of Large Numbers:

Law of large number gives you the closest result to the correct option.  Just like any election where large number of people vote and choose the right candidate.  Also, how often we have seen in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) that audience poll fetches right answer most of the time.

9. Challenge yourself:

Make yourself adapt to things that at one point you felt to be awkward and almost impossible for you to do.  It will help to come out of the safe zone which you have created yourself.  Try to take the bull by horns.


Avatar 1:  My first customer avatar is Mr. Rajendra Dave.  He is of 50+ years.  He generally travels by airplane for business trips, mainly during winter vacation.  In future, he would like to visit Kenya and his focus while booking a resort or hotel is discount offered.


Avatar 3:  My second customer avatar is Shubham Singh Rathore.  He is between 18-25 years.  He likes to enjoy mountains during monsoon with family and friends by train.  In future, he would like to visit USA.  His focus while booking a resort or hotel is amenities.

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